Red Hat CloudForms

Full life cycle management of Virtualized and Cloud environments

Red Hat CloudForms provides unified virtualization and cloud management that reduces the cost and complexity of private and hybrid cloud infrastructures by delivering key management capabilities in a product that is quick-to-deploy and easy-to-use.

CloudForms provides IT decision makers and administrators with the insight, control, and automation necessary to optimize resources, understand utilization patterns and drivers, and plan for the future capacity needs of their virtual infrastructures.

Cloud is a core part of IT departments becoming more agile and better able to provide the numerous services their organisation requires. CloudForms is open source and so delivers the capability to avoid lock in by proprietary technologies, whilst enabling full utilization of existing virtualization and cloud investments from Red Hat, VMware, Microsoft, and Amazon. CloudForms enables:

  • Insight
    • Build a clear picture of all the resources your organisation has and see them through a single pane of glass
    • Real time view of the virtual estate providing analytics and reports on utilisation, performance, VM sprawl, security breaches and compliance
    • Data retrieved is basis for capacity planning, chargeback, compute trends, best fit analysis
    • No requirement to deploy an Agent on to the VM manager or guests - data interrogation is at disc file level and identifies exact status in the environment
  • Control
    • Enabling organisations to control all of their virtual estate
    • Set and enforce management by policy to meet security and regulatory requirements to ensure things work they should do
  • Automation
    • Enables self-provisioning by users
    • Orchestrations and work load management
    • Use retrieved data and Smart Tag classifications to facilitate the building of web based self-service private clouds
    • Smart Tags also enable data to be tagged at a granular level on any chosen criteria and then managed by policy enforcement
    • Build automated workflows to manage the whole lifecycle
  • Integration
    • Detailed reporting
    • Manage enterprise service catalogues

CloudForms is powered by a unique Adaptive Management Platform, purpose-built for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)-enabled enterprise clouds. This scalable, open, and extensible platform seamlessly integrates capabilities for the unified management of private and hybrid clouds.

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