Configuration Management Audit

The Quru Config Management Audit is an in-depth review of your organisations current configuration management practices and advise on how to improve scalability and maintanability of your infrastructure.

Configuration management is a field of management that focuses on establishing and maintaining consistency of a system. Manual configuration of systems is error-prone and extremely labour-intensive. Even with mostly-automated home grown scripts, pushing ad-hoc changes are still error prone and cumbersome.

Putting in place structured process and tools for configuration management allows sysadmins to focus on more challenging and creative system engineering and architecture work. As IT environments grow larger and more complex, there is a need to automate, audit and review control in a constantly dynamic computing era.

During the engagement Quru will provide a complete review of your current configuration management process. We will also make recommendations of tools and to ensure that you have a system in place for future scale by focusing on the following:

  • Complete review of current configuration management practices
  • Recommendations on adhering to configuration management best practices
  • Advise on tools to automate configuration management
  • Assisting and advising in any architectural design changes that may be required

At the end of the engagement, Quru will deliver a report outlining findings and recommendations to all stakeholders.

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