We've always got interesting jobs for great people. We don't offer the ability to upload your CV on this page and we're not advertising an email address for you to send it to either. If you'd like to work at Quru and think that you have something special to offer us then please tell us in the box below why we should be talking to you.

Creative thinker

We are asked to extract the real needs of our clients and to create innovative IT solutions to make their businesses work. We therefore need people who are intelligent, educated and very creative who will work with our clients and our development teams to build world class software solutions.

The role involves elements of business analysis, application and user interface design, project management, testing, documentation and determination to produce some really great work. We are looking for aptitude rather than qualifications or experience. The ability to spot process improvements, a serif in a page of Gill or an infinite loop is more important than any certificate in Agile or Waterfall. We'd expect you to write well, in clear understandable English. If you can't draw a flow-chart or are too shy to share a doodle or a whiteboard session then a bit of practise before you talk to us might be helpful.

Linux consultant

Quru is one of the UK's leading Linux specialists delivering services and solutions to numerous blue chip clients and acting as a key channel partner to top global Linux vendors. To complement the growing demand, we are looking for a Linux specialist to help fulfil exciting consulting services engagements:

  • Ansible and machine deployment and management systems
  • Docker and other container, namespace and cgroup based solutions
  • infrastructure design and deployment for easy monitoring with Nagios and other tools
  • High-availability, resilient solutions
  • Security

As a Quru Consultant, you will have strong technical knowledge together with excellent inter-personal and communication skills with all levels of management. You will help build the company's role in each client by delivering high quality work, explaining technology to non-technical people and identifying new opportunities.

We need you to hold at least a current Red Hat Certified Engineer qualification or equivalent, have consulting experience and, in particular the curiosity and ambition to learn new technologies very fast. An ability to code further than just writing shell scripts would be an advantage.

So why work at Quru?

  1. We are a small privately owned company that is industrious and profitable
  2. We always aspire to produce great work - we are intellectually the best tech shop around
  3. We work in a former royal palace in the centre of London - it's Europe's biggest creative hub
  4. We work hard but not unreasonable hours
  5. We allow huge flexibility in working arrangements
  6. We are well connected and partner with the best IT organisations in the world
  7. We have a really impressive client list
  8. We only employ nice people that avoid talking flannel
  9. Our packages are simple but sensible
  10. We offer an amazing environment in which to excel

About Quru

Quru is a market leader in the technical development, deployment and support of Linux and open source solutions that help organisations to reduce costs and increase operational agility and capability. We have also developed multiple award-winning software solutions ranging from mobile phone apps to global enterprise systems. Quru is based in Somerset House on the banks of the Thames, right in the centre of London. More...

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