Puppet Labs and cloud management

Puppet offers a new approach to IT automation that lends itself naturally to cloud computing, including Amazon EC2, OpenStack, and Google Compute Engine.

Provision and configure public & private clouds

Systems administrator’s lives are difficult enough having to manage an incredible number of systems. Even smaller companies and departments within larger companies are managing hundreds or thousands of devices. Virtualized environments can effectively double or triple the number of ‘machines’ being managed. Add to those factors the development of internal clouds and the use of public clouds and, without the right management technology, you can have a recipe for disaster.

Traditional systems management tools have not kept pace with the market dynamics. Conventional approaches to managing large numbers of systems create inconsistencies and mistakes. The real cost is not the time and money spent managing the sprawling configurations, but in the outages caused by mistakes and opportunities precluded by insufficient change management processes. These legacy tools simply cannot handle the scale and complexity of application lifecycle management in the cloud.

Puppet offers a new approach to system management that lends itself naturally to applications in cloud computing environments.

Public clouds

Puppet is being used by several of the largest providers to manage their public cloud infrastructures. Puppet’s model-driven framework offers unprecedented flexibility, power, and scalability, enabling IT staff to prescriptively build an automated infrastructure. It reduces error counts and downtime, saving countless hours and providing significantly higher service quality.

The benefits of automated infrastructure go beyond policy-enforced consistency and auditing. The ability to reliably build new systems running consistent services helps create auto-scaling applications as well as test systems identical to production environments.

Private clouds

Increasingly companies and government agencies are looking to provide IT services using privately built cloud infrastructures. While this approach offers scaling and resource utilization advantages, the challenge of launching and managing internal clouds without automation can be daunting.

Puppet abstracts the system from the system administration, providing developers and system administrators with a simple service-based policy framework that provides logical semantics about system configurations and how subsystems are related. Using this approach, IT staff can build a resilient, and stable cloud environment that meets business needs dynamically.

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About Quru

Over many years we have developed the deep technical skills required to deploy and maintain Linux environments. Of the many new management tools designed to assist in Linux environments, we have found Puppet Labs to be the most powerful, effective and user friendly.

Puppet Labs is a graphical based tool for complete lifecycle management and Quru is the leading UK partner.

Quru is based in Somerset House on the banks of the Thames, right in the centre of London.More...

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