Puppet Labs and IT compliance

Puppet offers a powerful and flexible solution for creating IT compliance modules that are tailored to your environment and the specific regulations that you must meet.

Regardless of industry or size chances there are a set of compliance regulations that your IT organization must address. In addition, most companies have their own internal security policies that need to be followed.

An increasing number of regulatory compliance requirements and internal compliance mandates put an unprecedented amount of pressure on system administrators. Most organizations achieve compliance through a repeated pattern of last-minute heroics to generate proof of controls for auditors. With systems constantly changing due to new releases, patches, and end user activity, achieving compliance is only half the battle. Maintaining continuous compliance is the biggest challenge.

Puppet offers a powerful and flexible way to create compliance modules that are tailored to your environment and the specific regulations that you must meet. Puppet then ensures that the settings and configurations mandated are checked on a regular basis, reporting on variances, and when appropriate, reverting the non-compliant systems back to a known-good-state. The entire policy of your configuration is also readable (as source) at any time, and can be kept in version control to keep up to date with when and why the policies have changed.

Puppet solutions greatly simplify the process of maintaining compliance with the regulations and standards IT organizations face, providing significant cost savings over manual procedures.

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About Quru

Over many years we have developed the deep technical skills required to deploy and maintain Linux environments. Of the many new management tools designed to assist in Linux environments, we have found Puppet Labs to be the most powerful, effective and user friendly.

Puppet Labs is a graphical based tool for complete lifecycle management and Quru is the leading UK partner.

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