Puppet Enterprise FAQ

What is Puppet Enterprise?

Puppet Enterprise is the commercially supported, packaged release of Puppet, the leading open source solution for enterprise systems management, including data center automation and configuration management. Puppet automates the provisioning, patching, and configuration of operating system and application components across enterprise and cloud infrastructure. Puppet Enterprise packages the underlying components required, and bundles the requisite support and services necessary to support enterprise deployments.

How is it different than the open source distribution of Puppet?

Puppet Enterprise packages the power of Puppet with many enterprise-oriented features in order to make using and maintaining Puppet even easier:

  • Simplified Integration & Installation: Get up to speed immediately with a pre-built integration of Puppet, Puppet Master, Dashboard, Facter and all Puppet dependencies such as Ruby, Passenger, and Apache.
  • Scalable: Pre-configured to offer out-of-the-box scalability and the performance levels required in large installations.
  • Tested & Approved: Packaged, tested and QA’d by Puppet Labs engineers.
  • Support: Enterprise-class support is included: issue resolution, feature enhancement priority requests, and best practices advice.
  • Always Current: Maintenance is included in your license. You always have access to the latest and greatest releases of the integrated platform.

Compare Puppet and Puppet Enterprise - Which is right for your organization?

Puppet Enterprise packages the power of Puppet open source with enterprise-oriented features to make IT automation even easier and more powerful. Use the chart below to compare the two releases, and see which one is right for your organization.

FeaturesPuppet Open SourcePuppet Enterprise
Graphical User Interface
Provisioning – Amazon EC2
Provisioning – VMware VMs
Configuration management – Discovery
Configuration management – User accounts
Configuration management – Operating systems &applications
1000+ pre-built configurations on Puppet Forge
Orchestration – Task automation
Role-Based Access Control – Now with external authentication support
Unified cross-platform installer of all components
Support – Option for 24 x 7 x 365
Support – Defined SLA
Certified by Puppet Labs engineers
Pre-packaged dependencies in one directory
Smooth upgrade and maintenance path

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Puppet Labs is a graphical based tool for complete lifecycle management and Quru is the leading UK partner.

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