Puppet Labs and VMware

Puppet's model-driven framework is an ideal way to manage the increasingly complex management of virtualized infrastructure.

System administrators face numerous challenges in today's virtualized world. VM sprawl, configuration drift, and the increasingly heterogeneous nature of IT environments - public, private, hybrid cloud platforms, multiple operating systems, new application stacks - make managing infrastructure even more complex. In addition, organizations' expectations for rapid response times and fast delivery of applications only seem to increase.

Using Puppet's declarative, model-based approach to IT automation, system administrators can take full advantage of the responsiveness of their VMware deployments without any loss in productivity. Furthermore, Puppet's abstraction layer enables sysadmins to reuse their configurations across physical, virtual, and cloud environments as well as operating systems, databases, and application servers.

Sysadmins can benefit from using Puppet Labs and VMware integrations for configuring VMs and provisioning private cloud applications. Read on to see how to get more out of your virtualized and cloud infrastructures.

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About Quru

Over many years we have developed the deep technical skills required to deploy and maintain Linux environments. Of the many new management tools designed to assist in Linux environments, we have found Puppet Labs to be the most powerful, effective and user friendly.

Puppet Labs is a graphical based tool for complete lifecycle management and Quru is the leading UK partner.

Quru is based in Somerset House on the banks of the Thames, right in the centre of London.More...

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