Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Open source platform for business-critical computing

Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the world's leading enterprise open source operating system. It supports all the major hardware platforms and thousands of commercial and customized applications and is the new standard for enterprise datacenters. In addition, organizations rely on Red Hat Enterprise Linux to replace their UNIX workloads, reduce operating costs, and increase flexibility—all with hardware vendor neutrality.

Built for the modern datacenter
Red Hat Enterprise Linux meets changes in the IT landscape that blur the lines between physical, virtual, and cloud computing. It's built for the modern datacenter environment, with:

  • Pervasive networking and virtualization
  • Comprehensive security
  • Advances in multicore hardware

The foundation of a long-term IT strategy
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server supports all leading hardware architectures with compatibility across releases and a 10-year update and support lifecycle.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux variants:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Deploy this versatile platform for x86 and x86-64 on physical systems, as a guest on the major hypervisors, or in the cloud.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Deploy and scale public or private OpenStack clouds on this secure, reliable platform.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux for High Performance Computing (HPC) Red Hat offers packages specifically for the scientific user to deploy clusters of systems to take on the most challenging missions:
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux for HPC Head Node
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux for HPC Compute Node
Red Hat Enterprise Linux for IBM System z Red Hat Enterprise Linux, deployed on IBM System z, provides flexibility, performance, and scalability for server consolidation and mainframe reliability.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux for IBM POWER Deploy applications with confidence using the advanced features in IBM Power Systems and the consistency and flexibility of Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Business Applications Red Hat packages and supports the software infrastructure stack required for optimal operation of SAP applications with enterprise-class service and support.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop Give administrators a robust, secure Red Hat Enterprise Linux foundation. Give end users leading applications and features from the open source community. Available in either desktop or workstation configurations.

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We are passionately committed to open source technologies and consider Red Hat technology a core part of the solutions we deliver. Quru is a Red Hat Premier Business Partner and we play a strong role in assisting Red Hat in the development of new open source solutions. An example of our close partnership is that a Quru consultant, Dhruv Ahuja was recognised as Red Hat Consultant of the Year 2012 for his innovative work on RHEV, Grid and Storage.

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