Linux Infrastructure Health check

Quru's Linux infrastructure healthcheck provides customers using Linux with a full review of their existing environment. The health check service is a proactive approach to IT problem resolution and allows customers to ensure their infrastructure is working smoothly and pre-empt any future issues in time. At the end of the engagement our certified engineers will provide full documentation, recommendations and knowledge transfer.

Our goal is to assist customers in a prioritized review and health check of Client's existing environment through focusing on the following:

  • Review configurations and hardware platforms
  • Review installed and started services
  • Review default runlevels and options
  • Review level of installed updates
  • Review partitioning and filesystem layout
  • Review kernel parameters
  • Review network architecture for physical and/or virtual systems - including network interfaces, drivers, and applicable options, link-level configuration, VLAN access, interface bonding, and routing and bridging configuration.
  • Review SAN attached storage architectural review, including drivers and their parameters, configuration tools, multipathing configuration, volume management, data mirrors, snapshots, cluster filesystems,and review of certification issues.
  • Review access parameters and adherence to security best practices
  • Current hardware description and details
  • OS version and details
  • Application version and details (where applicable)

During the engagement, Quru engineers work closely with the customers IT Staff and provide knowledge share.

At the end of the healthcheck Quru document engagement activities, findings, outcome, status, and provide knowledge share in the 'Quru Healthcheck Review' followed by a debrief with all stakeholders to go over key findings and recommendations

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