Open IT Infrastructures cut costs and increase business capability

Benefits of Open IT Infrastructures

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The data-centre is continually developing. We are experiencing a dramatic shift towards an abstraction of computing platforms, producing a more modular, flexible, always available service to cope with today's huge enterprise processing and information needs. This increases the requirement for more power but we have to achieve it at less cost.

Quru helps organisations extract more from their infrastructure investments. Most requirements start with an interest in running enterprise grade Linux - as a replacement for a proprietary Unix possibly running on outdated hardware, to achieve more performance than Microsoft on x86 hardware or to replace unsupported Linux that doesn't meet compliance requirements.

About Quru

We are passionately committed to open source technologies and consider Red Hat technology a core part of the solutions we deliver. Quru is a Red Hat Premier Business Partner and we play a strong role in assisting Red Hat in the development of new open source solutions. An example of our close partnership is that a Quru consultant, Dhruv Ahuja was recognised as Red Hat Consultant of the Year 2012 for his innovative work on RHEV, Grid and Storage.

Quru is based in Somerset House on the banks of the Thames, right in the centre of London.More...

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