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The only way to really understand if a new technology can do what it says and will work in your environment is to test it. A webex or video can be useful but won't necessarily answer your specific questions or the challenges of working in your environment.

Being able to see a new technology working in front of you on a free standing system that replicates a typical working environment can make the difference in deciding whether to explore the technology further. Setting up any new technology can take many hours so having someone bring a live demonstration to you makes this traditionally complex process easy and simple.

The 'QuruLabs :: Mobile' is a portable, mobile demonstration datacentre. It fits in a small case and we can bring it to your offices and have it running in a couple of minutes. In QuruLab we can replicate your IT environment and you can treat it as a ‘sandpit’ to test how applications would perform and identify in advance any potential issues that could arise in a full deployment.

Specific applications that we demonstrate include:

Red Hat CloudForms (formerly known as ManageIQ)

We show you how CloudForms manages multiple virtualization platforms, both cloud based and on-premise - Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV), Amazon (AWS) and VMware. In addition, we demonstrate its capabilities around discovery, chargeback, reporting, policy based configuration and automation.

Puppet Enterprise

We will walk you through how Puppet can be used for configuration management, based on policy based tagging created in CloudForms. The demonstration will also show the Puppet enterprise console in use and how common configuration tasks can be automated and monitored.

Red Hat Storage (GlusterFS acquisition)

To demonstrate a single name space volume, serving a video file, we have built a distributed file system using two virtual machines. We can show how this file system copes with hardware failure and how replication can be achieved using nodes in the cloud.


EnterpriseDB's Postgres Enterprise Manager will let you see how Postgres Plus Advanced Server is performing through a GUI or through a webserver. The Lab will also show multi-master replication between two databases, either Postgres to Postgres, MS-SQL Server to Postgres or Oracle to Postgres.

Red Hat Satellite

Within the QuruLab setup, is a satellite server and we demonstrate how to use this technology to deploy patches to RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux) servers, based on server groups and using custom channels.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization (RHEV) provides all the most frequently used management features on a single platform for both server and desktop virtualization. Red Hat's virtualization technology provides high performance for both Linux and Microsoft Windows workloads. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization utilises open source to dramatically reduce license costs also.

Virtual Hosted Desktops - For organisations that want to self-provision Windows desktops, we have built a number of desktop pools and can demonstrate how this capability can be achieved through the Red Hat Enterrpise Virtualization user portal. We also show how these desktops join an Active Directory domain, and connect using the SPICE protocol.

For more information and to arrange a demonstration, please call +44 20 7160 2888

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