From peak overload to high performant omni-channel sales

Affordable luxury fashion house L.K. Bennett were having serious issues with peak demand on-line; an emailed offer would quickly swamp them. Their PE owners decided that it needed to be fixed and called on Quru to take a look.

After a successful study of infrastructure and processes, peak loads could easily be managed. As a result, Quru were asked to continue to work with L.K. Bennett to help deliver better stock control, warehousing and an onmi-channel solution

Check what you have before you make changes

Faced with an imminent breakdown with the start of the Christmas season, Quru had to work fast to identify the causes why peak loads could not be matched. The peaks were high - a demanding core of fashion followers would hit within minutes of any offer or new design appearing - but not unbelievable.

L.K. Bennett use a standard web store solution, provided by a London data centre service - very similar to many other business. Quru examined the implementation, checking networking, server hardware and software logs before producing a report detailling what was going on.

Recommend and implement cost effective modifications

Quru’s report suggested a small number of simple modifications: virtual machine reconfiguration, memory redistribution, caching and the addition of on-demand extra services. All these recommendations were made within a few days at minimal cost and peak loads have not been an issue since.

Advise on key information strategies

Having helped L.K. Bennett with one technical issue, they approached Quru for longer term, strategic help. Quru’s consultants worked with L.K. Bennett on a number of projects included improving information on stock control and the development of an onmi-channel approach where customers would have the same experience in store or on-line with optimised delivery and a reduction of “out of stock” issues.

About Quru

Quru was a market leader in the technical development, deployment and support of Linux and open source solutions that help organisations to reduce costs and increase operational agility and capability. It also developed multiple award-winning software solutions ranging from mobile phone apps to global enterprise systems.

Quru ceased trading in 2020.