In partnership with leading open source companies Quru has explored and deployed solutions that find innovative solutions and make significant savings. Open source is in our DNA and we strive to remain at the leading edge at all times.

Our key vendor partner is Red Hat who has supported us since foundation. We have since added a number of select and important vendors to our knowledge and partnership base. It is our objective to work as technical advisors with a consultative approach to problems. This enables us to build strong relationships which we cement through quarterly technical calls and where required, consulting engagements. Quru is one of only 6 UK Red Hat Premier Partners with a reputation for being the most technically skilled and certified.

Our partners include:

Coscale container monitoring solutionsCoscale
Container-native monitoring solution, purpose-built to monitor containers and microservices
Docker container solutions & subscriptionsDocker
DevOPs teams can build, ship, and run any app, anywhere
EnterpriseDB - PostgreSQL solutions for the enterpriseEnterpriseDB
Open source database offering a real alternative to traditional proprietary database systems - and at a fraction of the cost
MariaDB - enterprise MySQL solutionsMariaDB
An enhanced open source database, a drop-in replacement for MySQL.
Enterprise monitoring with NagiosXINagios
IT infrastructure, systems, applications, services monitoring solution
Web application servers, caches and software defined load-balancers with monitoring and microservice deployment
Red Hat UK Premier Partner - enterprise Linux & open source subscriptionsRed Hat
Quru is a premier partner for Red Hat and leads on a number of infrastructure technologies including Ansible, OpenShift and Virtualisation.
SEP advanced enterprise backup solutionsSEP
Backup & Disaster Recovery, Deduplication & Archiving across all operating systems and applications