Deploying robust large scale application and infrastructure solutions

Quru designs and implements infrastructure solutions that make open source solutions work for business. As premium partners of the key open source vendors in the UK, Quru has a team of experienced certified solutions architects that work directly and indirectly via our partners to help exploit the potential delivered by 3rd party solutions.

We use established processes and our own proven methodologies to build a detailed picture of a specific aspect the client's infrastructure, applications or services. This leads to our Linux Infrastructure Design Services and the development of the detailed solution. Build and deployment is undertaken through our portfolio of Linux Implementation Services, with full documentation and training.

Initially our Solutions team work with companies to identify possible avenues to improve performance and enhance infrastructure. Secondly, a lead consultant discusses the proposed brief and works to find a solution and final project brief. Typically we then work both on location or remotely as required. We are always happy to provide documentation on what we have done.

Typical services that we provide include:

About Quru

Quru was a market leader in the technical development, deployment and support of Linux and open source solutions that help organisations to reduce costs and increase operational agility and capability. It also developed multiple award-winning software solutions ranging from mobile phone apps to global enterprise systems.

Quru ceased trading in 2020.