Building enterprise open source software to empower business

Our relationship with open source vendor partners combined with the experience and revenue derived from our enterprise clients allows us to develop our own products in-house. We are passionate about open source, and consequently all of our products are made freely available under open source license agreements.

Quru also sells enterprise licenses and support contracts so that companies can deploy large scale solutions with enhanced features, service monitoring and technical support, as well as receiving the latest patches and upgrades.

Our open source products are powerful, proven in production, and can be combined to create meaningful business solutions. Quru’s method brings existing technologies together with bespoke software to create unique software applications. Our key focus is “robustness at scale”.

Key products

About Quru

Quru was a market leader in the technical development, deployment and support of Linux and open source solutions that help organisations to reduce costs and increase operational agility and capability. It also developed multiple award-winning software solutions ranging from mobile phone apps to global enterprise systems.

Quru ceased trading in 2020.