Building award winning white-label mobile solutions

Samphire Blue was formed as an applications pioneer to demonstrate the potential of applications running on smart phones. Initially BlackBerry was the far and away market leader in the smartphone field but was quickly eclipsed as iPhones began to dominate.

We chose Quru as a technical partner because they were not content to be ordinary. The main success story in the company’s history was the development of the Hardens Restaurant Guide application which successfully achieved a download rate of 30,000 in the first 4 weeks after launch on the BlackBerry platform. The Quru designed app was listed as one of the global top 20 BlackBerry applications of all time.

The Quru approach

The Quru approach is business led and we develop and deploy integrated best-of-breed proprietary and open source solutions that support our clients’ ambitions and objectives. Technology systems, in particular ERP, should be tailored to the business processes that enable the organisation to deliver market leading service to its various customer types – internal, end-users, partners. Our aim is to ensure that IT enables the building of strong, long term customer relationships that generate repeat business and recommendations.

Working in partnership with Samphire Blue

Because Samphire Blue was a purpose vehicle to develop specifically uncharted territory the chemistry was immediately clear. Quru are intelligent innovators and unafraid to question the reasons behind feature sets and development instruction and keen to define metrics that will measure the effect of the completed code and design. Samphire Blue actively encourage this approach, however confronting and challenging that can be. And furthermore, Quru are robust enough to have their own methods and conclusions challenged and where appropriate adjust them.

“What impressed us most about Quru was their ability to listen to and understand what we were looking to achieve. To push boundaries and never stop innovating to stay ahead. Their input encouraged us to take a cloud hosted approach well ahead of the trend rather than locking data down on devices - and this shows in the outcome. Lightening fast, useable and ultimately invaluable to the adopters.”

Enrico Ponzone - Director, Samphire Blue

About Quru

Quru was a market leader in the technical development, deployment and support of Linux and open source solutions that help organisations to reduce costs and increase operational agility and capability. It also developed multiple award-winning software solutions ranging from mobile phone apps to global enterprise systems.

Quru ceased trading in 2020.