Quru Image Server makes it easy to manage thousands of images at the same time across any device. Consumers quickly abandon websites that don’t meet their high expectations and brands that sell a high number of products or manage significant collections, have to manage very large numbers of images every day. If the images are not crystal clear on any device, customers will move on and opportunities will be lost. 

Managing large numbers of images is challenging – the mix of formats, shapes, resolutions, devices – and can be expensive. Bonhams, a world leading fine art and antiques auctioneer, manage their library of 1M+ images using QIS to replace existing systems that were defeated by the scale of the challenge. 

QIS ensures you deliver the best brand image experience to your customers every time and on any device. It has been designed to meet the needs of brands with thousands of images needing to be changed frequently.

It is a stand-alone, open source based solution that cuts the time and cost of managing and manipulating thousands of images every day.  QIS makes it easy to take a single image and adapt it for multiple use. It can take a fully colour managed high-res image, ready for high quality printing, down to a thumbnail for use on a smartphone - instantly.  Better management of HTML 5 responsive images  With QIS it’s easy to manage HTML 5 images without having to manually resize or store multiple versions of the same image.  Simply upload a single high resolution image and instruct the browser to download whichever image is appropriate for the size of device. Using different URLs, you can then request scaled and cropped versions without any modifications to the original image. 

QIS - Advanced responsive image manipulation and management 


  • Integrated image repository and re-purposing web server
  • Secure, easy & real-time manipulation of high volumes of images
  • Specifically designed stand-alone solution for multiple platforms
  • Software licence / Cloud (as-a-service) purchasing options    High performance 
  • Any size rendering of single instance images – 200,000+ per hour
  • Zoom using tiles - minimum bandwidth without Flash
  • Highly responsive image optimisation / stripping of image metadata to minimise file sizes

Colour management

  • Original images are stored as a single instance and with full colour ‘as the camera saw’ management
  • All images fully colour managed with black point compensation and multiple intents enabling ‘device to camera to printer’ colour profile matching


  • Image manipulation - crop, rotate, fill, positioning, padding, sharpen and blur
  • Multiple formats, both input and output
  • Unaltered original images, accessible and can be endered via the file system in multiple formats – jpg, tif (multi-page), png, svg, pdf (multi-page), bmp, cr2, dcm, eps, gif, tga, xcf and psd
  • PDF to image conversion


  • User defined image generations templates make consistent, repeatable presentation easy
  • Add, rename, move and delete images and folders
  • Audited access by user, groups and folder

Storage & Security

  • High built-in security to protect image rights
  • Image overlays providing dynamic watermarking, labelling and alpha (transparency) cut-out paths
  • Archive library for an unlimited number of images
  • A REST API enables secure uploading of images, generate dynamic images and perform server administration

Reporting & Support

  • Detailed usage analytics and reporting – images viewed by number of requests, bandwidth, processing time, server performance charts
  • First line support



“QIS has transformed the way we manage our images. It saves us time and money and helps us to deliver a better customer service”  Bernadine Brocker, Founder & CEO, www.vastari.com 

“We manage thousands of images every hour! Our auctions depend on high quality images of what we are selling on behalf of our clients on  every device. QIS helps us to achieve this in a timely and cost  effective way”  Peter Gadsby, Catalogue Production Manager, www.bonhams.com