Quru Image Server - dynamic imaging for web and print

The Quru Image Server is a high performance Apache-based solution for presenting your image collections on the web. It is ideal for use in conjunction with your existing web site for applications such as image galleries and product catalogues.

Image presentation features include:

  • Bookmarkable image URLs
  • Image thumbnail generation
  • Simple image zooming for legacy web browsers
  • Advanced HTML5 image zooming for modern web browsers and tablets
  • Full-screen image viewing
  • Image carousel / slideshow
  • Image gallery / folder viewer
  • PDF to image conversion
  • Image publishing wizard

Dynamic image operations include:

  • Resizing, rotation, flip, and cropping
  • Conversion to different image formats
  • Blur and sharpen
  • Overlays (for watermarking)
  • Colour conversion and colour correction for publishing
  • Stripping of image metdata to minimise image file sizes

Programmatic features include:

  • Image generation templates
  • A REST API that allows you to securely upload images, administer the server, and generate dynamic images

To maintain high speed, QIS uses an advanced in-memory cache so that your images are served directly from RAM wherever possible. A real life installation is capable of serving 5 million images per day (single large server, 20GB cache, with a wide range of image types and sizes, and 95% of requests served from cache).

QIS includes a built-in file system browser and administration console for registered users. Fine-grained access permissions can be set via user groups and also by folder. System reports allow you to view your server's performance, chart the views of every image, and identify the most popular images by views or by bandwidth.

For more information on the Quru Image Server, please request a call.

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