Containers are a better way to manage Linux based applications

Increasingly complicated applications - and demands for faster development - are putting even more pressure on your infrastructure, IT teams, and processes.

The industry is moving beyond self-contained, isolated, and monolithic applications. New workloads will be part of a connected application fabric—flexibly woven together to serve particular business needs, yet easily torn apart and re-structured to meet changing requirements.

This requires a new approach to managing applications during development in order to facilitate success in production.

Transforming application delivery using containers

What are containers?

Linux containers keep applications and their runtime components together by combining lightweight application isolation with an image-based deployment method. Containers introduce autonomy for applications by packaging apps with the libraries and other binaries on which they depend. This avoids conflicts between apps that otherwise rely on key components of the underlying host operating system (OS). Containers do not contain an OS kernel, which makes them faster and more agile than virtual machines. However, it does mean that all containers on a host must use the same kernel.

Containers in context

Applications don’t always work as expected. One way to avoid application issues in production is to maintain identical environments for development, testing, and production. Another is to create a Continuous Integration environment, where code is compiled and deployed to test machines and vetted with each and every code check-in, long before being pushed to production.

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