Remove vendor lock in costs

Vendor lock-in by proprietary database vendors has traditionally made cutting the cost of managing database licencing very difficult. Worse the costs are growing, for example in some cases, Oracle insist that their software can only be run on their own operating system for it to be supported.

IT leaders and managers are in a constant search for the best price / performance ratios, but for many years Oracle users have had to do the best they can running the software on UNIX or x86. Some organisations have stayed with UNIX because of major concerns about the complex and potentially costly migration to x86. Those that have moved to x86 can suffer from issues with limited scalability, reduced uptime and poor performance.

Cut the costs of vendor lock-in

At last, a real choice

We have undertaken a major performance benchmark testing programme running Postgres on IBM Power and the results prove that organisations running Oracle now have a major opportunity to cut the cost of managing data.

So, finally there is a real choice. Stay with Oracle on UNIX or x86 and suffer the issues mentioned above. Or move into the ‘sweet spot’ identified by Quru and reduce licensing costs by up to 80%* and increase performance by migrating to Postgres Plus Advanced Server from EnterpriseDB running on IBM Power, underpinned by Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®.

The Quru solution takes advantage of IBM’s $2B investment in Open Source over the last 10 years and its utilisation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux on its Power range. Coupled with Postgres Plus Advanced Server from EnterpriseDB, based on PostgreSQL, the solution delivers exceptional price performance in this business- critical area.

This White Paper provides insight into why migrating data to Postgres Plus Advanced Server on IBM PowerLinux is now the route forward for organisations currently at the mercy of Oracle’s vendor focused pricing.

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