Quru optimized MariaDB processes 1.2million queries per second

The pressure on costs is endless and at Quru, we believe it is system ‘consolidation’ that potentially promises major reductions in data centre costs (space + power + cooling) together with lower service contract costs. We have recently been focused on consolidating servers and adding extra compute capacity in the same footprint as a way to enable lower costs and increase application performance.
Power optimized MariaDB

MariaDB - 64% faster on POWER8 than on Intel

Consolidation requires a platform that can rapidly and easily both scale-up and scale-out. This technical Insight white paper covers benchmark testing we have undertaken of MariaDB on IBM POWER8 - a combination that promises a step change in consolidating systems and the opportunity to significantly enhance application performance. Our work in tuning workloads has demonstrated that MariaDB on POWER8 can lead to lower costs and increased datacentre efficiency.

Configuration files used in performing this benchmark are available from Github.

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