Meaningless industry jargon or the future of virtualization

Virtualization has led to cloud technologies with the potential to transform the way companies manage and use their IT. Vendors are now talking about ‘hybrid cloud’ solutions – a mix of public and private cloud resources - as the way forward.

We commissioned a UK tele-research programme in May 2013 to increase our understanding of whether the terms around ‘cloud’ have meaning for IT managers or are just another example of the industry trying to be clever by putting new names on existing technology to re-energise sales. Whatever your view of the different meanings and interpretations that can be made of the language IT vendors use, the results are surprising and intriguing.

Open Hybrid Cloud

Why aren’t more organisations implementing this type of solution

The adoption of virtualization has been meteoric over the past few years for rather obvious reasons - cutting operating costs, delivering a better service to end-users through enhanced systems stability, not being at the mercy of server crashes and, also, keeping up with competitors’ use of technology.

Most enterprises have or are about to deploy a cloud solution (moving from managing servers to delivering services) which will probably be a hybrid mix of public and private solutions, often in different parts of the organisation supporting different applications.

However, this is a relatively new situation for most IT levels varying enormously. So, whilst Open Source is and lower cost than proprietary routes - there are potential barriers to its adoption. Hence, one could start by asking, if open hybrid cloud solutions are the logical route, why aren’t more organisations implementing this type of solution?

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