Tuning of EnterpriseDB yields significant performance benefits on IBM Power

New hardware can provide exciting opportunities to extract significant performance gains from known and loved software. With the development of the IBM Power architecture there are plenty of opportunities for increasing performance, especially with databases which require large i/o and raw maths processing.

Quru has fine tuned databases as part of it's work with IBM and as partners of open source databases.

PostgreSQL optimized for Power


Increase of 31 % on ‘Out-of-the-Box’ performance (pgbench)
‘Tuned’ delivers 99% performance increase (pgbench)
and 52% performance gain (HammerDB)

What we did

We believe that new vendor offerings should be tested in order to identify the opportunities for fine-tuning to increase performance and reduce costs, especially when they challenge established players and technology such as Oracle and Intel x86.

This White Paper summarises the results Quru achieved in performance benchmark tests running PostgreSQL on IBM Power vs x86. Quru has worked with IBM to optimise PostgreSQL on IBM Power and we proved that its ‘out-of-the-box’ performance can be beaten and that we can significantly beat x86 – the result is an open source based solution that increases the performance and reduces the cost of managing databases.

A technical paper on how this was done is also available.

Thumbnail Photo by Iñaki del Olmo on Unsplash

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