Striving for excellence in same day delivery services

CitySprint are a nationwide UK based courier who specialise in maintaining a local feel to all their services. Aiming to be same-day courier of choice in the UK means having IT systems that are performant and totally reliable as without these logistics and planning functions within the company would fail. Quru is responsible for the design and implementation of a key number of core infrastructure initiatives and are proud to be supporting CitySprint in their phenomenal growth over recent years.

Design, Develop, Deliver

Quru has been responsible since 2008 for designing and implementing high availability database systems at CitySprint, as well as supporting their on-going maintenance and upgrade cycles.

We have since supplemented these with monitoring systems to provide near realtime visibility of service health and performance, the introduction of standardised operating environments through Red Hat Satellite 6, and implementing bespoke SELinux policies to ensure the security and integrity of CitySprints valuable proprietary codebase in the age of GDPR.


Quru are CitySprint’s open source consultative partner of choice and we are proud to support them in their key business decisions regarding their use and implementation of Open Source architecture, enabling them to leverage the benefits of Open Source whilst achieving their business targets.

About Quru

Quru work closely with vendors to establish their presence in the UK market and promote their ongoing innovations to our client base of over 500. Our relationship with them is unrelentingly technical which allows us to fully understand the wider implications and opportunities arising when embedding solutions both into enterprise partners’ deployments and into software developed by Quru. More...