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easyJet have established themselves as Europe's leading short-haul airline and have long sought to challenge the airline industry with a focus on safety, simplicity, integrity, passion and pioneering. Quru has supported easyJet in the roll out of their new payment card processing platform.

Design, Develop, Deliver

Quru has been responsible for defining the Nagios monitoring infrastructure for easyJet’s new payment card infrastructure as well as delivering it, and supporting it during the early post-roll out phase. This has provided easyJet with complete visibility of the health of their new infrastructure and the ability to complete proactive maintenance and ensure the integrity of the environment.


Quru has provided consultancy and support on the implementation and configuration of Red Hat Satellite 6 for patch management and hence to ensure that the security of the environment can be maintained without compromising on stability and good business processes.


Quru has assisted in auditing the Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment against the industry standards CIS security benchmark, and has provided automated scripts for applying additional CIS hardening to existing OS builds in a timely manner, thus improving benchmark scores as required for PCI compliance.

About Quru

Quru work closely with vendors to establish their presence in the UK market and promote their ongoing innovations to our client base of over 500. Our relationship with them is unrelentingly technical which allows us to fully understand the wider implications and opportunities arising when embedding solutions both into enterprise partners’ deployments and into software developed by Quru. More...