Cutting costs and driving performance of virtualization management

High costs and vendor lock-in from proprietary vendors force many companies to adopt a dual hypervisor strategy. Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization uses open source to effectively support this strategy.

We believe that RHV is the preferred alternative to VMware in the key areas of cost, performance, functionality, scalability and interoperability. We recognise that Linux workloads can be run on VMware and Microsoft’s Hyper-V, but are confident that Linux workloads run better using Red Hat Virtualization because of the full integration of the Linux stack.

The only enterprise-ready, fully open-source virtualization management solution.

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

Virtualization provides a layer between computer hardware and the software running on it; the hyper-visor. As a result, multiple operating systems and solution stacks can run simultaneously on a single machine. Virtualization delivers measurable benefits: server consolidation, hardware abstraction, increased utilization, enhanced manageability and agility.

Delivers benefits of virtualization

Following countless deployments, we have great confidence in RHV. It delivers the benefits our clients expect from virtualization with top performance, scalability, no vendor lock-in and up to 80% lower licensing costs.
As industry leaders focus on a multi-vendor approach to virtualization, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization 3.0 is emerging as the first choice in terms or scalability, functionality, interoperability, and performance.
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We are passionately committed to open source technologies and consider Red Hat technology a core part of the solutions we deliver. Quru is a Red Hat Premier Business Partner and we play a strong role in assisting Red Hat in the development of new open source solutions. An example of our close partnership is that a Quru consultant, Dhruv Ahuja was recognised as Red Hat Consultant of the Year 2012 for his innovative work on RHEV, Grid and Storage.

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