Quru are Enterprise DB's UK partner

Founded in 2004 and now a global player, EnterpriseDB is the only worldwide provider of enterprise-class products and services based on PostgreSQL. In fact, the majority of code added to the PostgreSQL project is submitted by EnterpriseDB and the company provides expert knowledge and support to its ongoing development.

EnterpriseDB is the biggest challenger to enterprise level proprietary RDBMS solutions and delivers comparable performance and reliability at a fraction of the cost. It has tools to make migration to PostgreSQL easy and reliable - you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it before!

Oracle Cost Containment

When a database supplier, such as Oracle, tries to change the rules of the game, an increasing number of organisations are looking to change their database and / or systems and software so they are not at the mercy of a proprietary vendor.

Moving from one database to another or from one platform to another can be a time-consuming, complex and costly exercise, however highly compatible products can reduce both the time and the costs of a move.

Quru has reviewed the products currently available and we believe that a combination of EnterpriseDB software on an IBM platform is the best alternative. Both vendors have highly compatible products to enable organisations to migrate their data from Oracle.

Create a solid database foundation with a suite of packaged services performed by PostgreSQL experts

Together, our experts and your staff will establish an architecture that is maintainable, high performing, highly available, and safeguards your data. We can even augment your own DBA staff on a temporary or permanent basis. All packaged services are well defined, affordably priced, and executed in a timely and predictable fashion. And all our engagements end with effective knowledge transfer enabling your staff to own and maintain the work now and as your business grows.

  • Architectural Health Check - Is your original database architecture lagging behind your current needs and growth?
  • Oracle Migration Assessment - Discover your likelihood for success in migrating off Oracle to Postgres Plus.

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