Serving secure load balanced websites inexpensively at scale

As sole UK partner for NGINX, we deliver an easy-to-configure, cost-effective and fast software solution to the solve the limitations of existing webservers. We have successfully helped clients migrate from hardware based load balancers to NGiNX Plus as well as migrating web servers and cacheing solutions. The subsequent deployments deliver superior levels of content cache management, web application firewall and resulting performance. Because there are no dedicated hardware requirements the resulting ROI is very strong.

Today, when organisations ask us to improve the load balancing performance of their webservers and performance of their websites, we recommend NGiNX Plus. It works across web servers, applications and micro-services, is efficient, inexpensive and allows a high level of scale.


NGINX, Inc. is the company behind the popular open source project trusted by more than 400 million sites. It offers a suite of technologies for developing and delivering modern applications. The NGINX Application Platform enables enterprises undergoing digital transformation to modernize legacy, monolithic applications as well as deliver new, microservices-based applications. Companies like Netflix, Starbucks, and McDonalds rely on NGINX to reduce costs, improve resiliency, and speed innovation. NGINX investors include Blue Cloud Ventures,, Goldman Sachs, Index Ventures, MSD Capital, NEA, Runa Capital, and Telstra Ventures.

Mission control for your web application

NGINX Plus enables a very high level of website performance – it accelerates content and application delivery, improves security and facilitates availability and scalability.

NGiNX Plus is a software load balancer, web server, and content cache built on top of open source NGiNX. NGiNX Plus has exclusive production‑ready features on top of what’s available in the open source offering, including session persistence, configuration via API, and active health checks. Use NGiNX Plus instead of your hardware load balancer and get the freedom to innovate without being constrained by infrastructure.

Efficient microservices server through NGINX Unit

A core requirement for microservices is a small, lightweight but very efficient web and application server - specifically the demand that NGINX Unit has been built to fulfil. Currently at Beta, Unit can be used to deploy distributed solutions with no service disruptions. NGINX Unit will serve applications written in multiple languages including Go, PHP 5 or 7, Python 2.7 or 3 all on the same server.

Extensive experience in IT infrastructure

Quru is the preferred NGINX partner for the UK. Quru has extensive experience in building IT infrastructure using enterprise open source, with impressive and proven results across the UK market, Quru have the skills to take organisations of all sizes by the hand and lead them through the digital transformation phase from Infrastructure to Application Platforms.

As part of the NGINX partner ecosystem, Quru can leverage the power and performance of the NGINX Application Platform to help deliver applications, modernise solutions, and support customers journey in the digital transformation to Containers and cloud initiatives.
Klaus Oxdal, EMEA Channel Director, NGINX

About Quru

Quru work closely with vendors to establish their presence in the UK market and promote their ongoing innovations to our client base of over 500. Our relationship with them is unrelentingly technical which allows us to fully understand the wider implications and opportunities arising when embedding solutions both into enterprise partners’ deployments and into software developed by Quru. More...