Developing scaleable open source enterprise MySQL database capabilities

There are two major open source database solutions – MySQL and PostgreSQL. The choice depends on how an application has been designed alongside design preferences. The history of MySQL explains why clients who prefer it to PostgreSQL now frequently choose MariaDB.

The original MySQL development team created MariaDB, following their acquisition by Oracle, to fork the original source code to continue their original development philosophy. The company has created a robust, scalable and reliable open source enterprise level database solution.

Quru has developed a productive design and services deployment relationship with MariaDB to support their very fast growth.

MariaDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL

MariaDB combines engineering leadership and community innovation on a global scale to deliver open source database solutions. It delivers high availability and high performance and clients have found that MariaDB helps them to build software applications that achieve effective, good value and reliable database management. Not surprisingly, it is the world’s fastest growing open source database with over 500 clients in more than 30 countries worldwide including Wikipedia, and Google.

MariaDB’s products

MariaDB TX is geared towards transactional workloads that use traditional relational databases in the majority of use cases. The associated temporal storage engine is set to revolutionise utilisation and intelligence derived from exiting data, a facility that until now has been the province of very high end (and very expensive) databases.

MariaDB AX is designed to handle analytical workloads that is specifically aimed at big data and data warehousing using column based storage engine.

The best choice for MySQL database

MySQL users have gained significantly from the advent of MariaDB. We have helped clients to identify, deploy and manage MariaDB as the open source database software of choice for their style of operations, objectives and business model.

About Quru

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