Quru are MariaDB's UK partner

Data volumes in key business systems are constantly growing. This increases the pressure on the applications used to supply personalised data from these systems to end-users. To add to the complexity, end-users are using numerous different types of devices which require their own data configuration.

At Quru, we believe that MariaDB is a vendor providing world-class solutions that address this challenge. MariaDB builds massively scalable open source database products that help people build software applications to achieve effective, cheap and reliable data management. It is a global software and database company that develops and supports MariaDB - the world’s fastest growing open source database.

MariaDB is a drop-in replacement for MySQL

MariaDB specializes in high availability and high performance MariaDB & MySQL and aims to be the logical choice for database users looking for a robust, scalable, and reliable SQL server. In the first week after its launch in 2014, MariaDB 10 was downloaded over 230,000 times!

MariaDB has over 500 clients in more than 30 countries worldwide. This includes global brands such as Google, Fusion-io, HP, Virgin Mobile, Craigslist, Harvard University and numerous small to medium businesses. It is perfectly suited to help with any organisations’ data needs. MariaDB is now available in the software repositories of all leading Linux distributions including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SUSE Linux, Centos, Debian and Ubuntu.

MariaDB: The Database heart of Turbo Lamp

A high-performance, open source database has been a core component of the LAMP stack since it originated with MySQL back in the 1990s. MySQL was pioneering in delivering a developer-friendly, easily deployed relational database well-suited to the demands of the web.

Today’s applications need a highly reliable database that can handle multi-terabyte data volumes and millions of users, while guaranteeing transactional integrity and continuous availability. So, naturally, the Turbo LAMP stack features MariaDB, the direct descendent of MySQL, as its core data management solution

MariaDB is application-compatible with MySQL, so existing applications work. With a vendor independent community at the heart of its development and many of the original inventors of MySQL still actively involved, MariaDB is a more advanced implementation of the world’s most widely adopted RDBMS technology.

Many of the most famous web-based companies make extensive use of MariaDB in their infrastructure. Now with Turbo LAMP and POWER8 technology, this mature database delivers cost-effective data management of the latest mission-critical business applications.

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