Making Linux available to everyone

Quru work with Canonical’s Ubuntu operating system when we require a production ready innovative version of Linux that has wide community support. Ubuntu is also by far the most widely deployed operating system in major public cloud deployments

We favour the “long term support (LTS)” releases of Ubuntu which give an excellent middle ground between stability and support for latest technology.

What Canonical say

Ubuntu is an open source software operating system that runs from the desktop, to the cloud, to all your internet connected things On desktops Ubuntu looks good and works better than any other Linux deployment.

In cloud environments it delivers stability at minimal cost whilst delivering latest technology releases as they become available. It is also the platform that reliably supports applications developed for cloud deployment. Cloud providers offer and support eh Ubuntu operating system more prevalently than any other and it is frequently the first choice in the cloud.

Ubuntu advantages

Deploy the latest Linux packages

Quru uses Canonical to deploy software using newer features with minimal inconvenience because it ships with the latest available software packages. For projects where 3rd party support and stability are less crucial Ubuntu is our OS of choice.

About Quru

Quru work closely with vendors to establish their presence in the UK market and promote their ongoing innovations to our client base of over 500. Our relationship with them is unrelentingly technical which allows us to fully understand the wider implications and opportunities arising when embedding solutions both into enterprise partners’ deployments and into software developed by Quru. More...