Quru are Coscales's UK partner

CoScale offers a container-native monitoring solution, purpose-built to monitor containers and microservices in enterprise production environments. The CoScale platform automatically discovers and monitors all containers and services running in your environment and provides container-specific visualizations and analytics.

CoScale gives you the visibility and control needed to let you deploy your containers to production faster and with increased confidence. Once in production, CoScale’s automatic anomaly detection lets you proactively manage performance by helping you to detect and solve performance problems before your customers are impacted.

Container-native monitoring

CoScale’s solution has been built from the ground up with container monitoring in mind. Compared to traditional monitoring vendors that need to retrofit their legacy products in container environments, CoScale seamlessly integrates with your container environment.

What does container-native monitoring mean?

  • Installs as a separate container on your hosts
  • Does not require any changes to your containers or kernel
  • Is lightweight and non-intrusive
  • Auto-detects new containers and images
  • Gathers data from container and orchestration platforms via APIs
  • Provides in-container monitoring via plugins or user-specified metrics
  • Runs automated anomaly detection on all container metrics

Broad container technology support

CoScale integrates with a wide range of container technologies:

  • Openshift monitoring: Certified technology partner of Red Hat and OpenShift

Primed partner

  • Docker monitoring: Certified technology partner of Docker
  • Kubernetes monitoring: Technology partner of Kubernetes
  • Additional support for monitoring Google Container Engine, Azure Container Service, IBM Bluemix Container Service, and many more enterprise container platforms.