Red Hat Satellite 6

Cutting the time and cost of managing your Red Hat estate

Systems Management is a critical responsibility for IT personnel who are already under pressure. Increasingly complex environments, in particular private, public and hybrid clouds are difficult to manage and require more admin time which leads to higher costs.

Red Hat Satellite 6 is a great tool for simplifying and improving the management of your Red Hat estate. It’s an easy-to-use single management console built on innovative, open source technologies and it enables the effective and compliant management of Red Hat systems. It delivers major benefits:

  • Simplification. Reduces the number of management tools needed to build, deploy, run and retire systems by increasing automation and streamlining the processes involved
  • Scalability. Manages a large number of geographically distributed systems, across a wide variety of platforms from physical to virtual, as well as private and public clouds
  • Lifecycle management. Provides a single Content View of both software and configuration content and helps improve end-to-end system lifecycle management
  • Patch management. Uses a centralised platform to ensure all server deployments are patched with the latest security fixes, bug fixes and product enhancements. What’s more, you can test patches before you deploy them in your live environment

New capabilities

  • Provisioning. Users can provision on bare metal, virtualized infrastructure and on public or private clouds, all from one place and with one simple process
  • System discovery. It’s easy to search and discover across non-provisioned hosts which, in turn, aids rapid deployment
  • Drift remediation. Users can automatically correct the system state with full reporting, auditing, and a history of changes
  • Subscription management. Easy reporting and mapping of your purchased products to registered systems. This ensures that all your systems are covered by the right enterprise subscriptions.
  • Red Hat Satellite 6 can manage all the Red Hat solutions identified below:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform
  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
  • Red Hat Storage
  • Red Hat Directory Server
  • Red Hat Certificate System
  • OpenShift Enterprise
  • Red Hat Satellite 6 - it can transform how you manage your Red Hat systems.

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